Proteus Portable Systems

Proteus Portable Systems

Mini-Cam’s NEW Proteus Lite brings together, the tried and trusted performance and reliability of the Proteus family, in a value for money, entry level system.  The Proteus Lite is the ideal starter kit for a one man operation, integration into a small inspection van, or a low-cost option for larger companies to use for off-road, remote locations. Proteus Lite provides all the resources required to undertake efficient, easy to perform inspections.

Rugged, flexible and intelligent, feature rich Proteus Lite takes your productivity to the next level, enhancing your business with a solid reputation for professional inspections and providing increased profitability from your investment. Future proof and totally modular, when your business budget allows, simply upgrade your Proteus Lite with a larger or smaller crawler, extra cameras and auxiliary lights, or one of the many other Mini-Cam compatible accessories available.


Proteus Cable Reel

This light and durable cable reel is Mini-Cam’s latest innovation.  The core of the Lite system, RMPL250 cable reel is engineered to the same exacting standards as Mini-Cam’s manual and motorized reels.  It’s compact, space-saving design, robust construction with a powder coated finish, and equipped with easy-to-use features including a manually operated cable level winder and cable roller, which is easily removed for cleaning.  The friction brake can be fully locked, unlocked or applied as a friction brake to avoid unwanted feeding of the cable, and a sturdy winding handle folds in to save space.  The cable reel comes complete with 820 feet of 0.27” Kevlar reinforced cable, and sports a ‘cow-horn’ style control unit storage system, enabling secure, easy on/off storage.  For added flexibility an optional Tilt Table allows adjustment of the control unit position, to give the user optimal screen viewing and keyboard positions.


Manual Cable Level Wind

Quick Release Cable Roller

Friction Brake/Hand Brake

Cable Winding Handle

Fold-In Handle

Optional Features

Easy Fit Control Unit

Proteus Control Unit

Feature rich, Mini-Cam’s CCU208 Control Unit has twin integral joysticks for camera control and crawler maneuverability, and an ergonomic soft-touch keypad.  User friendly multi-function hot keys control an intuitive on-screen display, to enable quick and accurate navigation of the numerous features which all come as standard on the brain of the Proteus Lite system.  Functionality at your fingertips.

Proteus Crawler & Pan/Tilt Camera Head

Modeled after the best-selling Proteus CRP140 crawler, this Lite version is the perfect companion to the RMPL250 Cable Reel.  CPL150 crawler has the same professional grade quality, reliability and accuracy that our customers expect from Mini-Cam products, and features a specially designed quick release elevator arm, sturdy lowering handle and in-built connector for an optional auxiliary light or auxiliary light with backeye camera.  Mini-Cam’s water resistant camera connectors and rear cable connectors come as standard, as does our quick release wheel lock, and soft rubber wheels, engineered for improved traction. Built to perform reliably in harsh conditions, the modular configuration of the Proteus Lite system means CPL150 can be enhanced with cameras and accessories to extend it’s inspection capabilities.  Integration with additional Proteus wheels and accessories enables the CPL150 to be used for pipe inspections from 6 inches and up.


Quick Release Elevator

Raised Elevator

Lowering Handle

HD Rear Connector

Optional Auxiliary Light

Quick Release Wheels