Proteus Custom
Van Builds

Proteus Custom Van Builds

Our team has over 30 years of experience outfitting vans for pipeline inspection. Our vehicles are first fitted with all necessary electrical wiring, then the internal walls are lined and partitioned into an office area where inspections are controlled and a rear workspace from where inspection equipment is deployed. Lights, sockets, storage compartments, shelves and a workstation are installed along with the hygienic hand cleansing system, safety equipment and accessories.

All Features

Non-slip Flooring

Covered and Insulated Walls & Ceiling

Interior Partition Wall with Observation Window

Control Room Countertop Workstation

Aluminum File Cabinet with Storage

LED Ceiling Mounted lights (2)

110V Electrical Receptacle Outlets

12V Receptacle / Charger

LED Directional Traffic Advisory

6 Marker Strobes on Chassis

3000 Watt Go-Power Inverter

Optional Diesel Generator

LED Ceiling Mounted Lights

110V Electrical Receptacle Outlets

48" Counter Top - Curbside

48" Aluminum Base Cabinet -Curbside

24” Butcher Block Counter Top

7 Gallon Wash Down Tank w/Pump

Rear Flood Light

Rear Backup Camera

Rear Crawler Monitor