Proteus Crawlers

4 Versatile Sizes. Engineered to excel in challenging environments.

Standard Features

CAM026 Pan & Rotate Compatible

CAM026L Pan, Rotate & Laser Compatible

CAM027 Axial Compatible

CAM028 Pan, Rotate & Zoom Compatible

ALN300 Auxiliary Light Compatible

ALB300 Auxiliary Light with Backeye Compatible

APB300 Auxiliary Light Pod with Backeye Compatible

APN300 Auxiliary Light Pod Compatible

Dual Axis Inclination Sensor**

Single Auxiliary Light/Backeye


Multi-Frequency Sonde** 33kHz / 512Hz / 640Hz

Steerable High Torque

All-Wheel Drive

Robust Housing

1 bar Pressure Tight

Quick Change Wheel Lock

In-Built Lowering Arm

Heavy Duty Camera Connector

Protective Connector Caps

Front and Rear

Lowering Rope

Protective Carry Case*


Continuous monitoring of speed, internal pressure, inclination and temperature

Crawler Models

FOR PIPES 6" - 24"


Fully featured, sophisticated mid-size crawler

Motorized lift crawler for pipe diameters 6" up to 24". Add the Proteus crawler cradle to center the crawler in pipes as large as 40"

Up to 40" Pipe Diameter with PCC01 Crawler Cradle

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6 - 3.5" Black Rubber Wheels 

Motorized Elevator - Range 2.3" - 8"

Articulated Knuckle Connector

Optional Features

Carbide Wheels & Grit Tread Wheels

FOR PIPES 4" - 12"


Small diameter pipe crawler with massive capabilities

CRP90's compact size allows it to easily survey relined 4" pipes. The motorized elevator enables the camera to be centered in pipes of up to 9" diameter..

Up to 12" Pipe Diameter with QRW90XL wheelset


6 - 2.4" Black Rubber Wheels

Multi-frequency Sonde

Motorized Elevator - Range 1.57" - 3.03"

Articulated Knuckle Connector

Optional Features

Carbide Wheels & Grit Tread Wheels

FOR PIPES 12" - 40"


Heavy duty, expandable crawler for large diameter pipe

The CRP300 is designed for larger diameter pipe with high flow rates and can inspect pipe diameters ranging from 12" to 40". Add the Proteus camera elevation platform (right) to inspect pipes as large as 87".

Up to 87" Pipe Diameter with CEP300 Elevation Platform


6 - 5.5" Black Rubber Wheels

Motorized Elevator - Range 5.31" - 15.67"

Heavy Duty Rear Connector

Optional Features

Wide Axle Balloon Wheels

Crawler Accessories

Crawler Cradle
Elevation Platform
Brick Egg Stabilizer