Proteus Cable Reels

Proteus Cable Reels


Proteus cable reels are available in automatic, motorized, or manual crank and are outfitted with high tensile strength Kevlar reinforced cable.  Motorized reels automatically feed or retract cable allowing for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding.  The motorized reel is controlled using dedicated keys on the Proteus control unit which also features an intuitive on-screen status display.


The manual crank reel is perfect for those looking for a more portable or cost-effective option.  Lighter and smaller than the motorized reel making it ideal for inspections in remote locations and fits perfectly with the Proteus portable cart option.


Proteus Automatic Reels (1,150' & 1,640')

New for Proteus- Experience powered winding in both directions! Developed for the CCTV Inspection vans or trucks and modeled after the best-selling Proteus motorized cable reel, the new ACR350 and ACR500 large capacity reels gives you an impressive 1,150 and 1,600 feet of inspection capability. 

Fitted with high strength, Kevlar reinforced inspection cable, ultra-smooth operation is provided by the powerful, three phase motor and cable layering mechanism, specially designed for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding.   

A clear safety screen prevents contact with the cable whilst coiling, and for additional safety there's a rigid lid and an instant Motor Stop button.

Both the ACR350 and ACR500 cable reels come standard with the RJP01 Bluetooth joystick controller.  The ACR500 also comes equipped with the VGP500 guide pulley (pictured, right).

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Proteus Motorized Reels

Motorized reels are available with 650, 1000, or 1640 feet of Kevlar reinforced inspection cable.  Reels are equipped with a powerful, three-phase motor and cable layering mechanism, specially designed for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and rewinding.  A rigid, clear safety screen prevents contact with the cable while winding and for additional safety, there is an emergency stop button mounted to the reel.


An optional Bluetooth remote control is available which allows you to release cable or control the crawler without the system's controller.


Self-Leveling Device

Waterproof Connector

Emergency Stop Button

Bluetooth Remote Control

Status Indicator

Built-In Carry Handles

Manual Reels

This light and durable cable reel is the latest innovation to the Proteus family.  The RMPL250 cable reel is engineered to the same exacting standards as the Proteus motorized reels.  It’s compact, space-saving design, robust construction with a powder coated finish, and equipped with easy-to-use features including a manually operated cable level winder and cable roller, which is easily removed for cleaning.  The friction brake can be fully locked, unlocked or applied as a friction brake to avoid unwanted feeding of the cable, and a sturdy winding handle folds in to save space.  The cable reel comes complete with 800 feet of 0.27” Kevlar reinforced cable, and sports a ‘cow-horn’ style control unit storage system, enabling secure, easy on/off storage.  All in a package that weighs under 65 pounds. 


For added flexibility an optional Tilt Table allows adjustment of the control unit position, to give the user optimal screen viewing and keyboard positions.