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Insert Nozzle Guide

Insert Nozzle Guide

Southland Tool in its continual effort to introduce new and exciting improvements to sewer cleaning presents the “nozzle directional guide”. This device connects to our interlocking pole systems. Essentially it will grab and lock the end of your hose where the nozzle is so the operator can put it where he wants. The sewer or duct might be submerged, blind, raised or dropped. Once you have the nozzle securely attached in the jaws you can lower the hose and nozzle into the manhole to the depth you need. At this point you just direct the end of the guide into the sewer line and insert it. At this point you can open the water flow so that your nozzle will take off in the line once you open the guide jaws. With a slight “tug” on the rope you will open the jaws and release the hose and nozzle. Once open you can retrieve the complete directional guide from the manhole and let the tiger tail slip down the hose if required.


Time saver / back saver / eliminates frustration

Directs the nozzle exactly where you want it

Comes with 24' of fiberglass poles in 6' sections