Big Foot

Big Foot

The Bigfoot Nozzle utilizes Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics to convert the water co- ming from a pressurized sewer hose into unri- valed cleaning power. The roll over bars allow the nozzle to upright itself in the line. All rear water jets are concentrated on the bottom of the pipe to remove large debris, sand, silt, sludge etc. The Bigfoot Nozzle can be used in tandem with an additional Bigfoot Nozzle for large sewer lines or culverts and is available in four different sizes (6, 8, 10 or 14 jets).


Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics

Replaceable, one-piece threaded ceramic nozzle inserts

3⁄4” – 1 1⁄4” hose connection

Rear water jet angles 5° - 20°

Operating pressure up to 4000PSI

Reduced water consumption

Reduced operating costs