Locators & Leak Detection

Find Buried PVC/PE Pipes Using Advanced Ultra High Radio Frequency.

The All-New AML Plus™ is a scientific instrument that utilizes ultra-high radio frequencies to find differences in densities. This offers the best method for locating PVC & PE Pipes and nearly any other object that has an edge.

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Pipe and Cable Locator with Variable Frequencies, Alkaline Batteries, and a 10W Maximum Power Output.

Simple, accurate and affordable, the PL-VF10 Locating System will meet the demands of any locate task. This locator is designed for the locating professional, but it is simple enough to be used by anyone needing to locate.

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Easy-to-use water leak detector optimized for ground “miking” on streets & concrete slabs.

The LD-12 water leak detector is a very easy-to-use detector, featuring six filters that allow the unit to screen outside noise and zero in on water leaks. The LD-12 is a must for every water utility as it’s the professional’s water leak detector.

Standard includes amplifier with meter display and filter controls, ground microphone and hand switch, aviation-grade stereo headphones and heavy-duty ABS plastic carrying case.

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